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There were five semi-acoustic models available:

SAF 2 - 6 string 2 pickup,

SAT 1 - 6 string single PU with tremolo arm

SAT 2 - 6-string 2 pickup with tremolo arm,

SAB 2 - 4 string bass with 2 pickups

SA122 which was a twelve string 2 pickup model

All had sunburst polyester finish with mother-of-pearl crown device inset in the head

Neck was laminated 2 section sycamore with mahogany fingerboard.

Schaller pickups and machine heads were used.

These semis seem to be uncommon even though they had a reasonable production life.

Cost in 1969 varied from £73 for the basic six string to £87 for a left handed bass

Roy Wood of "Wizard" and Jeff Lynne of ELO (pictured below with SA122) were enthusiasts for this model

These wonderful pictures of a perfectly preserved SAF 2 guitar were sent to me by Colin Nash from Mallorca. He has had the guitar from new and has done a great job of keeping it in showroom condition

This semi with the Les Paul influence is the Wilson SAF model. Two of my contributors, Adam Watson and Robert Spence have contacted me in an effort to find out more about the SAF.

Tuners and pickups are Schaller whilst the bridge is a Japanese Les Paul copy. There would have been a tremolo arm which is missing in this picture.

Thanks to Adam Watson for the picture above.


(above) SA122 12 string Semi courtesy of Mike Spencer

(below) More SA122 pictures from Vic - Serial #13835

Above - This is a rare SAT1 owned by Mark Johnson

Part of Reg's Collection


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